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While I am here listening to Jimmi Rodgers’Yodels, drinking a cold coffee and chatting away with people I won’t be able to meet before I leave, my head is already out somewhere into the wild!

I can see myself walking , a dog following me…the sun shining (my optimism at least is still strong!), the beautiful landscapes, me taking pictures, asking information…hey…and I am sitting facing the laptop!

I was talking earlier with Eddy, a guy I never met, but I followed lately on his blog, who travelled around the world always staying on the ground, no flights and short-cuts, and I asked to him…”How is it to stop moving around after all this time and stay still?”

Speculare landscape

And his answer was: “It’s hard!”

The night before yesterday I was chatting with a friend, Federico, who’s travelling by bike around Ushuaia, and now is cycling back with the wind blowing against him all the time and just reading about his experience I felt like I was already there, I could hear the wind blowing on my face!

And I am all the time planning something I can’t plan, I am trying to fit meetings and group walks unluckily going to happen, but you never know…I am taking appointment with that friend on the Alps, and with that other friend in France and that one I will meet him in Lyon and that one in Tuscany…man…if only half of the things I am trying to organise will happen I should consider myself extremely lucky!

I must be gone already, no doubt!

Otherwise I should worry about sponsors and getting ready and checking the timetable to get the train to L’Aquila…

Instead I am already travelling and thinking so many things at the same time that I can’t get my head around nothing…

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