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Still "walking" despite the break

In Italy we have an expression that says “Don’t make a step longer than your leg”.

It perfectly fits to my situation!

As a matter of facts, when you’re walking, steps are all you need to proceed toward you destination.

But you must think before making a long step…you could find yourself in a situation that you didn’t expect!

When you are a child and you’re learning to walk your first steps, you have a mission: every step is a target, every walk is made of many steps to get from one point to another.

Every time you fall, you learn something, and you are ready to try again until you succeed.

Then you try to walk a longer distance. Then you try to walk without any help, you walk on your own, you fall again and so on…

All your life is like this…

When I started my walking trip, I thought things would have been easier, and I was wrong, as many times before…that’s how you (not always) learn: doing mistakes! Sometimes you must do the same mistake many times before learning…

The bigger mistake I did in this case, was to think that I didn’t need a big budget to walk for 5 months.

Well…as a matter of facts, I’ve already spent more than what I thought…

You save a lot of money travelling by foot: you don’t need a car or a bike, no petrol, no maintenance, no parking or motorway tickets.

You save a lot of money using alternatives way of hospitality, like Couchsurfing.

If you are lucky like me, and you have friends here and there it helps as well.

And to save more you can use a tent instead of staying in a hostel, you can buy your food in a shop instead of eating in a restaurant…and so on.

But still you need to walk a lot and, as you are walking, you spend lots of energies!


Then you need to eat more…damn…I never felt as much hungry as I did when I was walking some of the stages during the last month!

When I was in the middle of nowhere and the next shop was 10 kilometres away and I was dreaming to eat a whole grilled boar!

I ate a lot during this first month of the trip, and still I managed to loose 2 kilos!

The other expensive thing I didn’t expect to face is communications: phone, internet, print a map or upload pics on the blog…

I expected to find free internet in the public libraries everywhere, or at least cheap internet points…

What an illusion: I forgot that we are in Italy…people in Italy love their own privacy, everyone has his own pc at home, there aren’t so many internet points and they charge you a lot!

And libraries…well, forget it…if you are lucky to find them  open, it doesn’t mean they have internet, or if they have it, it’s the slowest connection of the universe…to write this post and upload a couple of photos, it could take you a few hours.

And the mobile phone…well, I was thinking to use it only for emergencies, but if you can’t use internet to send sms and save on expenses, and you need to get in touch with someone along the way and public telephones are disappearing everywere, you don’t have many choices…

Alpine Flower

When I decided to do this trip and to try supporting a few good causes, like the eco-village of Pescomaggiore (E.V.A.) I was dreaming to print flyers and to leave them around during my walk.

I wanted to make t-shirts with a logo and wear them myself on the way to sponsor the  project, to involve people with several events to raise money for the volunteers…but beside a technical sponsors that helped me with some free gadgets, I never found anyone interested in doing anything, except people telling me: wow…that’s a great idea!

Thank you very much for your support!

It helps knowing that this is a great idea, I am not being sarcastic!

But it’s not enough…

Now…I wana try with a provocation…Italy is not so popular among the generous countries in the world (see who is leading our country!) so I invite you, who are not Italian, to show my fellow citizens who is really generous and what that really means!

I want someone to click on this link and to make a little donation, or if you don’t understand (English page is not updated yet) let me know you want to make a donation and I will explain you how to do it.

Anyway, bank details are on the main page of E.V.A., it shouldn’t be too hard to do it…

And if you are Italian and you are reading this…wake up!

Why we must always have this spaghetti, mafia and Pulcinella reputation around the world?

Let’s show to our generous friends that we can do it too, instead of wasting time in bla bla bla…

I don’t want anything for myself!

My walking trip can wait, once I’ll find support I’ll start walking again.

But people working to rebuild their houses in Pescomaggiore, have been living in a tent or in a van for a year now, since the earthquake stroke the village…they can’t wait anymore.

Vineyards of Franciacorta

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