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Km 20

Today before to start walking toward the next stage, I will also walk among the immigrants.

I have been one of them, we all have been sometime in the past centuries.

I can’t stand the fact that we don’t accept them as human beings.

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Today is a special day.

I won’t be walking, at least not to get somewhere else.

I will stay in Roma for a day, and review what I have done so far during the last days.

The beautiful video-clip is by Nathalie, a dear friend from Roma.

I suggest you to watch it instead of listening to it when you are reading, it’s worthy!

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Km 25

Today I’ll be entering the eternal city, where I was supposed to start my walk from.

I will have a break there tomorrow, and do the tourist, and hopefully meet my friends.

Then it will be a different story, I will point north and walk along the Via Francigena.

A route full of history.

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Km 25

Today and tomorrow I want to dedicate to you the promotional video-clips of my dear friend Boris Savoldelli.

Especially dedicated to you bro!

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Km 25

Like in the delirious tune by Musorgskij, covered by New Trolls.

After leaving the last city from here till Roma, I am going to spend a night on Montecalvo,  not the same Montecalvo of Musorgskij’s opera, which is in Irpinia, south of Italy.

I’ll have to be careful not to get drunk and fall asleep because, according to the legend, there should be a reunion of witches and demons…

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Km 25

Today it’s an average stage, well…it’s gonna be about 24 km a day, so more or less…

This stage, like the one before, was planned at the last minute, it comes as unexpected and mysterious surprise. I don’t really know that area but I have the feeling it is a bit of a “wild side”, obviously not as Lou Reed’s meaning. I think anyway I’m gonna sing that tune along the way, I always do it when I go walking on the mountains.

I am really curious about Rieti

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Km 25

Today, after spending yesterday between Pescomaggiore and L’Aquila, it’s the official starting date of my walk toward the great unknown.

I still don’t know which are the sensations one feels walking all alone, knowing that the road he’s walking is that long.

It’s not the same when you go out to buy tobacco or when you walk your dog around.

I guess, must of the time I’ll be walking alone, beside those days when someone will join me for a while.

You probably have unexpected encounters, I might “see things we people wouldn’t believe” (Blade Runner), I will breath the air of the mountains and the smog of the cities, I will feel the wind on my neck, I will have the sun into my eyes and the rain soaking my bones.

Good luck myself!

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