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Here we are again.

I haven’t disappeared.

I can’t really lie and tell you I was busy doing something important these days, but despite the fact that I didn’t conclude anything, at least I’ve been trying to and that have taken most of my time. The other thing I did these days was obviously eating a lot! Like always on Christmas time.

I can’t avoid it, good food is something I can’t resist, and thinking about my trip, I better eat something good now that I can because I will suffer having to eat randomly for the next months. I must forget anything like mama’s food for a while!

Anyway, what I have been doing on Christmas time, beside making a snowman with my niece, eating a lot and meeting some friends, was trying to fix a few things concerning my trip and there are some news about it: the main thing is that I won’t be leaving around the 3rd week of January as planned, but some time later. This is because I have some friends in France that I want to meet but they are not going to be there before April, so I must postdate everything.

Then another thing came up. Through Couchsurfing, I got in touch with Alberto Conte who’s the promoter of Movimento Lento, a website and movement that makes of the slow walking, cycling and moving its flag, and he invited me to a seminary that will be held in a village of Piemonte, also one of the stages of Via Francigena, the 20th and 21st of February.

Initially I thought the better way to fit the date whit this event was to start my walk a bit earlier than planned  and once I’d got there I could have stopped for the seminary, and start again after two days.

Now that I need to postdate my leaving date to February, to be able to meet my friends in France, the best thing to do would be to wait even until after the seminary, so that’s why I am kind of getting crazy trying to fix this, checking the road-book, changing dates, change them again, adding stages…

Did I just say “adding stages”?

Yes…that’s right…because one of the insane ideas I had is this: if I have to leave later than what I thought, why not leaving from further away, from L’ Aquila for instance?

I know, it doesn’t make any sense…the thing is that I can’t wait any longer, if I must postdate my leaving  from Rome, I don’t want to stay here too long, boring myself at home when I should be walking already!

I always wanted to go to visit L’ Aquila as a tourist and, since the earthquake happened, I wish I could have gone and helped out somehow.

When I was living in Dublin I didn’t because I simply couldn’t leave my job, now a few months after the earthquake, L’Aquila is not at all reconstructed, like they would like us to believe, so I think I could help out somehow, like promoting charities,  found-rising, whatever is worthy trying to do.

I don’t have big expectations, but why not to try?

So these days beside eating a lot and all the things I said above, I am also trying to get in touch with someone over there and see what we can do to help out, and anyway, whatever will happen, I’d really like to start from L’Aquila instead of Rome. L’Aquila-Rome is only 6 days of walk, not a big difference for a 3.200 kilometres trip!

And I am seriously thinking of adding stages at the end too.

I could decide to walk down to Portugal once I’ll arrive to the ocean…you know…a bit like Forrest Gump does when he gets to face the ocean…

Anyway, I go back to think about dates and stages, I should let you know soon what is the final starting date!

Meanwhile, have a good time and enjoy yourself.

I don’t know if I’ll post again soon so I take the chance to wish you all a  fantastic and happy 2010!

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