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Updates from Siena

Hallo everyone…I am really sorry I haven’t been able to update the blog more often…is not that easy as I thought.

I spend most of the day walking from one place to the other, when everything goes right, sometimes I get lost and that takes me another few hours to get back on the track and most of the times there is no internet when I arrive in the evening, sometimes it’s too late and they are closed, sometimes there isn’t internet at all and sometimes I sleep in my tent when is too late to reach the planned stage.

Anyway, so far it has been an extremely positive experience, it’s really hard and exhausting, but everyday I get lots of satisfaction…my feet don’t think the same…but I keep them moving and it’s ok.

This is the 3rd week I am walking, I have been alone all the time,only dogs seem interested in following me, and most of them are friendly…one kept following me for a all day, he slept out of my tent barking now and then to protect me from who knows which animal, and kept following me the next day until I had to climb over a gate to get out of a private property and he stopped there…it was a bit sad, but I couldn’t have managed to keep going with a dog, too many complications!

If I’ll ever get back here I’ll go searching for it and I will keep it…otherwise I hope someone will take care of him!

Next week I will have a friend walking with me for a weekend and that is a good change…I love walking alone, but sometimes I find myself talking to the trees or to the dogs…maybe it’s a good idea to have company now and then to preserve a bit of mental sanity!

In April I will make a pit stop at home to re-organize myself and then I will post a lot of pics and some updates from my diary.

Unfortunately my camera broke down yesterday, that’s really a pity because I am crossing Tuscany which I particularly love and where landscapes and cities are among the most beautiful of Italy.

That means only one thing: I’ll have to come back one day and take the pictures I can’t take now…

Anyway, stay tuned and keep following me!

So long everyone!

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