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Yeah…if you have been betting I couldn’t go any further than the first 10 miles, you’ve lost…sorry!

I fought the river, and I won!

But now you can win your money back betting on other things…for instance…how many dogs will bite Alberto’s leg from here to Portugal, or…will he die of 1: starvation crossing the Alps or 2: drowning crossing a river or 3: smashed like a potato crossing the motorway?

To be honest the last eventuality is the one you should bet on!

There is always something to eat wherever you are and rivers are not a problem as I’ve learned everything Bear Grylls could teach me.

As for dogs they’ve never been a problem, they are always friendly…well…actually between the two of us, they are the ones risking more in case they met me when I am starving…

Mompeo, the first dog following me

Sutri, my best mate for a day

Another thing uncle Bear taught me is that adventure can be a fiction and the other way around…so when you see on discovery channel someone in the middle of the desert, actually there are 20 other people of the crew surrounding him and at least one track with food and comforts ready for the star when the camera is turned off.

But I am not Bear Gryll, so after the first 4 weeks of walk, I got a lift at home and I will have a nice break until I’ll be ready to walk again.

Someone asked me if I was already tired of walking…

Not at all!

I only needed to re-organize a few things, most important a new camera as I broke the other one in Tuscany.

I feel more tired at home than walking the all day.

I have to say the hardest thing to deal with, staying all day at home, is the bloody TV always turned on at my parents house, and if you know me well, you should know I only watch TV when it is turned off.

But let’s go back to the trip.

The first week I’ve been walking from L’Aquila to Roma.

As I said before I wanted to start from L’Aquila for a reason.

The city, and some areas in the Abruzzo region, were stroke by a earthquake at 3.32 am of the 6th of April 2009  causing more than 300 victims and damaging many buildings.

When I was there, only a month ago, the situation was unbelievable!!!

Church of Pescomaggiore

It is unbelievable that a country like Italy, one of the countries of the G8, a “modern” country, suffer a damage like this for a earthquake of this entity.

Other countries had in the past earthquake of a major entity and considering the power of the disaster, victims and damage were not as high as in Abruzzo.

I don’t want to talk again about speculation, corruption, mafia, politic and media indifference, buildings made of sand, un-civil protection protecting only themselves…whatever happens everyday in Italy and not in other countries (at least not like here) because it’s a pathetic situation we deserve for our choices in the past.

I want to talk about hope, like the hope for a few families in Pescomaggiore, a little village 20 km’s away from L’Aquila, to have a house soon again.

Instead of being waiting for ages an action from the government, they will build them themselves, with the help of volunteers supported by founding coming from donations.

Do it yourself if you want it done…in this case the only solution!

Really hard to realize, maybe a sort of utopia: indifference is always the biggest enemy of these situations, but I’ll keep trying to support E.V.A. and the guys who dedicated many months of their life to realize this dream, a little Eco-village to give a house to a few families.

The first of the houses almost ready

Maybe a little project, without all the attention media gives only to big sandcastles until the pity for the victims ends up and goes somewhere else to the next catastrophic event.

Give two euro texting to the bloody phone company and you will feel better, like if you did your good action.


Nobody ever see that money, except the phone companies and some vultures ready to take advantage of these events to make their profit and to show their smiling faces during the next elections’ campaign.

I wish I could convince lots of people to donate for the project I am supporting.

I was there and I’ve seen what they are doing, and I wish everyone could understand.

I also saw what the big opportunist (read government, politicians, mafia, big companies…whatever you can imagine)  is doing and not doing for the good of people.

They are doing absolutely nothing else than their usual dirty business.

So, I ask you people to do this: click on the two hands logo you see on the right hand side or go on http://eva.pescomaggiore.org/ and even if you don’t understand a word of it, give a small amount.

It could be the money you spend for a beer, a coffee, a dinner…only once…its not a big deal!

You give the chance to a great group of volunteers, to build a few houses for a few people, not a big project, you wont save the world, but those people, well…you’ll help them to get their life back.

E.V.A.'s Volunteers


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