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Hallo everyone!

First of all I want to tank all of those who visited my blog at least once during the last days.
I need visibility to encourage sponsor to help me and support me with my trip, and the more you are, the best chances I’ll have to get a good sponsorship.

The last week has been full of interesting events.
After the success of the “Walk on the wild side”  last Saturday I went for another little walk.

I know that I should train myself more than what I am actually doing, I am not that creaky yet, even if my 40’s are getting closer, but if I want to be sure to get until the end of the trip, I must start to get used to walk a lot!

This time, beside my brother Silvano and Lucky the dog, we had my niece Valentina to accompany us on our walk.
We didn’t go too far again, just around the corner. However it has been an interesting experience.
We are so used to think about exotic destinations when planning a trip that, most of the times, we forget about what we have just at our doorstep.
We went uphill to Monte Orfano, the same “mountain” (only 452 metres high, not exactly a mountain) of last week, but this time we started from the opposite side, and we walked over to the edge for about an hour and a half.
Valentina was asking a lot of questions about stones, trees, what was that village over there and why the ground looks like this…she was enthusiast about the walk!
I guess she doesn’t do it that often, so I am quite proud of us because we manage to convince her to come with us and she already managed to convince my other niece Jessica to go for a little walk the next day.
If a good beginning makes a good ending, well…I am happy we fuelled my nieces with some curiosity and willingness.
We came back from another direction and after another hour we were at the car.
I had to lift Lucky to put him into the boot because he wouldn’t do it himself like he does when you are leaving home.

I’ll never understand if he does like this because he’s tired or because he doesn’t want to go back home…anyway, he’s an excellent actor and he can fake anything when he doesn’t want to take orders. But I don’t blame him! He loves, like all of us walking around and re-discovering such beautiful places that we don’t even notice any more, like the beautiful hilly vineyard were he ran for a while before leaving.

Another major event in my last week has been the 3rd part of shooting for a video clip that my dear friend Boris is doing for one of his next album songs, “The Miss Kiss“.
I’ve  already helped him 3 times with this and each time it turned out to be a wonderful experience.
It is quite interesting to see how a troupe works, and being part of the staff, it gives you the chance to learn a lot of things about filming, and believe me: despite the shit we can see on TV nowadays, you need to know a lot of things even to shot a 2 minutes commercial for anti-cellulite cream.
TV troupes working on most Italian TV channels…what a waste of talent!
Luckily some of those talents are still doing something meaningful.

If you’ve never worked before on a set, you wouldn’t think that, to make a professional 3 minutes video-clip, it can take up to 80 hours of work (split in 6 days), 5/6 hours of shooting done, 40 people (actors, crew, technicians, make-up, dancers and so on) to manage, 4 different locations and without counting the editing…
It is a great experience, the first I ever had in my life, and I’ve loved it!
I am ready to do it again!
There will be another shooting session, the last one, at the end of January, then we should wait and see the result of the director’s final cut.
I only know that it will be a success!

Back to my Walking Trip 2010…I almost forgot about it…
I will try to start from Pescomaggiore (click here to see the page, or to donate)…(what?…yes, you can click!…it doesn’t automatically take your money…don’t worry, it’s just a link…) , I was saying I want to start from Pescomaggiore near L’Aquila the 22nd or the 23rd of February and I will try to be in Roma for the 1st of March, to take part at the Immigrants Protest March.

I want to be there because I feel disgusted to live in a country where diversity is seen as danger. If immigrant, for a small group of  idiots (and for a large indifferent mass too) means bad, ugly, dirty, thief, criminal, whatever not conformist, well I am an immigrant too and I feel offended! People should start to call things with their names and to judge the others for what they do, not for what they look like or were they come from.

Back to the trip…I got in touch with more people in L’Aquila, I am trying to set up some fund-raising, I contacted some Couchsurfers here and there, I got a few answers from my sponsorship applications, but not enough so far and beside these little satisfactions like walking or helping to shoot video-clips, I spend my days thinking what else I could do to develop this event in a more efficient way. We need improvement!
Jay…I am talking like a business man now, and I hate business…
Anyway, I am positive about the feedback I am having, and it already looks like all the pieces of this walking trip are coming together.
OK…end of the post…here we might need a quote…

Let’s see…search engine…quotes…www.quotationspage.com….Ok…quotations by subject…cool…

I like the second one:
“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort”

Herm Albright…never heard of it…but it sounds good at the end of the post…

Now I need a title for it…

Got it!

Talk to you later

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