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Dogs and people

Hey hey…

I was busy…sorry if I’ve disappeared for a while!

I’ve been doing a little training these days, walking around with my brother and the really lucky Lucky, my sister’s dog.

I say lucky because he enjoys walking possibly more than me and he seems to never get tired…I am a bit tired though…mainly coz is not that easy to walk holding a boxer for 4 hours crossing roads, paths, fields, hills surrounded by hundreds of houses, meaning almost a dog for each house.

Extremely protective dog!

Instinct is something unbelievable, if you are a dog, there is nothing you can do: when a dog passes by your house, you have to show him who’s the boss!

A never-ending story…

Today we went for a walk. After the first 15 minutes I was tired of pulling him to slow down.

So I decided to free Lucky from the leash and he ran away following every single bark, smell, moving tale within a mile.

And I had to run after him until I could catch him again!

After the first hour, we did a 20 minute break by my parents, to drink a glass of water and to leave Lucky eating all the cats’ food and two bowls of water in a blink!

When he collapsed on the floor, I thought he was so tired I’ve had to carry him at home.

But when I showed him the leash, he jumped and waving his no-tale, I understood he was ready to go again.

So we left and we reached the next stage in a short while: obviously the first part of the walk was faster than planned: 9 kilometres in 1 hour and 40 minutes, excluded the 20 minutes break.

Laura and Franca, top service and best coffee ever!

We met my brother at the usual bar and we ate a couple of panini (Lucky got half of it, I can’t resist his imploring eyes when he’s hungry…and he’s always hungry!) then after the best coffee you can get within a thousands miles (my friend Laura is a coffee maker champion!…I am not joking, there is a championship on how to make a coffee!) we left, taking advantage of a lift from my brother to avoid a road without paths.

We started walking again on the old part of Capriolo, my childhood village, and I even met a friend on the way, beside another bunch of little angry barking dogs, the smaller the angrier…

"Monte" the old part of Capriolo town

We walked trough fields and old tracks until we got to Adro, my parents village and we stopped for a short visit to Lucky’s sister Keyla.

I’ve never seen a dog running like that…If only I’d had wheels I could have saved energy, he was doing the pulling alright! I guess he haven’t met his sister in a while, they were both so excited!

Then we took direction home and in another 2 hours we were at the door, covering the second 9 kilometres without any major problem, except Lucky slobbering at the end because he was thirsty.

What I’ve learned today: dogs can walk forever!

It proves it that Lucky, a usually lazy ass, always laying beside the radiator and standing only to go to eat and to pee, when he’s on the road, he never stops…he’s a bulldozer…you could travel on wheels by holding his leash and he wouldn’t ask you to pay the fare!

Yesterday at Trentapassi

Another thing I’ve learned is that I can walk 18 kilometres without any problem…I can usually walk a lot, but I’m more a climber than a walker, so this test, after yesterday’s trip on the mountains, where I didn’t have any problem as well, beside sneezing all the time for a bit of cold, confirms what I knew…I am not a wreck yet!

Also, considering that I walked too fast because the dog was pulling me all the time, during the trip I’ll be able to slow down if I get tired, and be more regular, there is no rush!

The last thing I’ve learned is that both dogs and people have something in common: dogs bark when an intruder passes by, people don’t bark, only because they can’t, but beside the very few smiling faces you can meet in a 20 kilometres walk, you can see most of the people looking at you like if they were barking.

Again: it’s nothing really new! I knew it before, but I think I am learning this every time I walk around in my childhood places and people are so diffident, even if you greet them and show them all your good intentions.

We are in a society where everything unknown is something to be afraid of.

Sometimes they were afraid of the dog (the sweetest dog in the world!) sometimes of me…and sometimes of both.

Walking became something so unusual that scares people!

Maybe I should cut my hair and shave my beard?


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A usual yesterday afternoon.

I was sitting here, facing the laptop in a full immersion state, reading the news and trying to catch up with the world after the week I spent on the mountains, half-awake but still dreaming, when my brother rang the bell!

He wanted to go for a walk with Lucky, my sister’s dog, so I put my shoes on and I joined in.

We went just around the corner with his car, then we took a walk in the country passing by some of the places where I used to live when I was a child.

I didn’t go for a walk in that area for ages. It was such a strange feeling being there after all this time, something was a bit different, like most of the buildings, abandoned and ruining down, a new quarry started then left to the vegetation that is trying to cover it, almost like when you feel ashamed of being naked and you try to cover yourself with anything you can find.

But some things were still exactly the same after more than 30 years.

We walked around the big walled park of the “Maggi” palace, were I spent 4 years of my childhood when my parents were working for the counts’ family who owned the place.

The thing that hit me more was the difference of size between the palace I was looking at, with his big park and long walls, and the huge place I had in my memories, far bigger, almost infinite, like if it is not me who had grown, but the place that had shrunk itself instead!

After the walk around the palace, we took a road that goes up Monte Orfano, (Orphan Mountain) named that way because it is the only mountain in the area, more of a hill than a mountain to be honest, but as it stands there alone, it looks higher than what it really is.

We met by chance a friend we hadn’t seen for ages, he used to be one of our Speleology Group, and since he was also going for a walk, we took the track together and went on for an hour.

We passed by “Bus de la Laca”,a small cave where almost every speleologist of the area have his first underground time, and it brought me back to those days when we used to go together to see a different cave every second week, like in an expedition, a group of crazy people full of energy, climbing the mud, hanging on long ropes for hours, getting wet, cold and dirty, and still have energy to get out of the cave and go to eat a pizza and drink a good wine and chat about our experiences as cavers, climbers, whatever…I missed that time when I was in Ireland…

After the pit stop at the cave, we kept walking and we took the way back. Despite there wasn’t many people around, I think I felt for the first time like if I was already walking my trip around Europe.

I was imagining how locals would react meting a stranger who walk alone in the country, what they’ll think about me, will they welcome me and give me some good advise, will they tell me a bit of the history of the place I was walking by…then I realize I was thinking too much and in the wrong place…

Still in Italy, still 15 minutes away from my sister couch…nowhere else people would look at you like if you where a sinner running from your mischief…

I am very happy about my decision to walk about, I only hope people will smile more than what they usually do when you go for a walk around here.

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