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When one keeps getting as an answer “Are you crazy?” when he says “I am going to walk for 3.500 kilometres” then ones starts to believe he is crazy…

There are many definitions of the word “crazy”, probably depending on how one considers himself or on which category he belongs to: the “crazies” or the “normals”.

I’ve been working with people with mental disability (the polite way to call those that they used to call crazy) and I really believe that they are at least more coherent than so called normal people. At least crazy people know that normal people consider them crazy, but normal people don’t know that the real crazy ones are themselves…

Help…I’m tangling myself!

Anyway, people often tell me that…”What?…Are you gonna walk from Italy to Portugal?”…”But…Are you gonna walk alone?”…”You’ll be hitch-hiking, isn’t it? No??? You will walk all the way?…Are you crazy?”

But not everyone…who knows me well, know that I am quite unpredictable, or they don’t know what to expect at all. Who doesn’t know me will tell me “Well, If I was younger/If I wasn’t so busy with my job/If I was not married/and so on, I could do it too!” but we all know that if you really want to do something, it is enough to want it, or at least to try your best to do it. Somebody else will tell me” Oh yeah, that must be a great experience!”, but they say so just to say something, they don’t really believe it, or they look at me like if I’d just said I was an alien…

Then, tonight I open my mail box, after a while I didn’t check it, because I was busy visiting abandoned mines, going to my friends gigs, doing random jobs to round my budget off (at the moment is rounder than a zero) and I find the emails of two old friends I met in Ireland in my volunteering time, telling me of their respective trips and blogs..and so I say to myself  “You see…you are not crazy!”

One of the two girls, Marcella from Modena, Italy, is cycling with her boyfriend, from Italy to Lhasa (Tibet), crossing Albania, Greece, Turkey (where they currently are), Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, e China . All in 1 year time (!) This is the link of the blog: http://dallanebbiallenuvole.net/

My other friend, Montse from Galicia, is going to travel with her boyfriend to Americalatina, with a rucksack and many destinations except the last one, like she says in her blog, return is not planned yet, and pheraps there wont be any return but only a continuation of the trip! http://latinamericaandbeyond.blogspot.com/

What can I say…I am excited about it! It gave me a kick of positive energy…I needed to know that I was not the only crazy around. That means I am not!

And because I use to contradict myself, even if in a coherent way (?sorry…it must be the euphoria for the news… and there are more coming tomorrow), I was saying…to contradict the fact that i am not crazy, here are some photos of the mine I visited yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it!

Photos by Gianpiero Zanelli

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