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Well…not exactly if you have a plan like me…a plan that started long ago, that was probably already there, hidden somewhere deep inside my head and, day by day, became something more real, something you keep day-dreaming about, something you can almost see and touch…something that is well-defined and yet keeps changing physiognomy…

I  was on the mountains these days, a place where I’ve been many times before, Fabrezza di Saviore.
My friends Paolo and Sara bought a “Malga” (a typical Alpine hut) there a few years ago and step by step they rebuilt it and made it their business as well as their beautiful house, that you can see nearly finished now, if you climb the 20 minutes of track from the main road.

I set a symbolic first step of my next trip there. I don’t recall any particular reason for doing so, or maybe many reasons… But in fact, since yesterday I came back from the mountains, I feel like my travel has started somehow on that spot of the Alps, sometime last week.

It could be for the end of a year that represents also the end of an era for me, since I left Dublin, Ireland, after I spent there 5 years of my life, and the starting of a new decade full of dreams and new projects.

Or the new year’s eve party, one of the moments I usually enjoy more of the all year.
I’ve spent it with a few good friends, cheering and waiting for the midnight around a fire, eating lots of good food made by human gods and drinking good wines and grappa, playing cards and a special “chemical-weapons-allowed” version of Twister (I let you guess why chemical…a little help…it has something to do with too much food and wine).

During the week I experienced my first walk ever on an avalanche and it has been wonderful!
It gives you the feeling of being so small and fragile compared with the power of nature.

I drunk one of the best wine I ever tasted, made by Diego, a friend of my friends, the Aramis of S. Antioco Island (Sardinia) that have the peculiarity of being made with a 100 % original grape that grows on sand (for who doesn’t know much about wine, all grapes tree in Europe are graft on American roots because most of the European trees were exterminated by a parasite called Phylloxera and this doesn’t seem to affect trees growing on sand).

I had many discussions with my friends about everything you can discuss, in a positive constructive way, not a fighting-like-battle at who-screams-louder like those we see too many times nowadays, but passionate yet respectful face to face argues with no looser and all winners.

I wrote down, to remember them, some of the best quotes I ever heard, like: “White wine is not wine!” (Paolo talking about wine) something I second and agree with (it is not easy to explain but I am sure some red wine lover like me will understand me) and “When you cry, nobody notice your teardrop. When you smile, nobody see that you’re smiling! Try to fart, everyone will turn and look!”, an unorthodox but beautiful poem on indifference declaimed by Paola, 7 years of  wisdom and acuteness!

I cut with Paolo two trees aged almost like me, and it was an honour to fight them and put them down, they deserve all my respect!

I came back home…well, to where I consider home when I am in Italy, meaning my sister’s home and I pruned the trees in the garden, with a little help of my niece, going back with my thoughts to some of the best years of my life, when my job was pruning  grape trees 6 months a year.

And much more I don’t remember now…

Well…it is enough events to fill a week but for someone who’s pretty bored waiting to walk through half Europe, maybe it has been an extremely intense week, I have sometimes the feeling I’ve done more in a week than in a year!

Anyway, what I found these days is not only some distraction from a boring routine, I also found out that people will support my trip and my idea of walking such a distance…from being considered crazy to be almost acclaimed like an hero..it gives me a great energy to start in the best possible way!

By the way, I almost forgot…there seem to be something moving also on the found rising front.

I got in touch with some people in L’Aquila and I’ve already added a link to a very interesting web page, the project is worthy attention and possibly contributions, so if you are reading this, please spend also another 5 minutes having a look  here.

And much more to come, I just need time and to organise myself better!

See you soon folks!

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