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Updates from Siena

Hallo everyone…I am really sorry I haven’t been able to update the blog more often…is not that easy as I thought.

I spend most of the day walking from one place to the other, when everything goes right, sometimes I get lost and that takes me another few hours to get back on the track and most of the times there is no internet when I arrive in the evening, sometimes it’s too late and they are closed, sometimes there isn’t internet at all and sometimes I sleep in my tent when is too late to reach the planned stage.

Anyway, so far it has been an extremely positive experience, it’s really hard and exhausting, but everyday I get lots of satisfaction…my feet don’t think the same…but I keep them moving and it’s ok.

This is the 3rd week I am walking, I have been alone all the time,only dogs seem interested in following me, and most of them are friendly…one kept following me for a all day, he slept out of my tent barking now and then to protect me from who knows which animal, and kept following me the next day until I had to climb over a gate to get out of a private property and he stopped there…it was a bit sad, but I couldn’t have managed to keep going with a dog, too many complications!

If I’ll ever get back here I’ll go searching for it and I will keep it…otherwise I hope someone will take care of him!

Next week I will have a friend walking with me for a weekend and that is a good change…I love walking alone, but sometimes I find myself talking to the trees or to the dogs…maybe it’s a good idea to have company now and then to preserve a bit of mental sanity!

In April I will make a pit stop at home to re-organize myself and then I will post a lot of pics and some updates from my diary.

Unfortunately my camera broke down yesterday, that’s really a pity because I am crossing Tuscany which I particularly love and where landscapes and cities are among the most beautiful of Italy.

That means only one thing: I’ll have to come back one day and take the pictures I can’t take now…

Anyway, stay tuned and keep following me!

So long everyone!


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Latest News

When I was getting ready to go out and start today’s walk from Roma to La Storta, crossing also the immigrants protest, I got an email from Pierre, with the video shot during the GPS course I attended before starting my trip.

Just to show you, how I was pretending not to get lost…

There I was using a GPS, now I don’t have any GPS…

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First post

Hallo everyone!

I am still alive, on the way to Roma.

I survived a storm on the mountains yesterday, 3 dogs following me two days ago and the heavy traffic along the road.

My feet are still intact…so far so good!

I am impressed by people’s hospitality, generosity and curiousity about my trip.

It feels great to be on the road, stop every now and then to take a pic or for a snack, thinking about what’s around the next corner…it gives you the strenght to keep walking, my legs anyway are getting used to it, is not as bad as I thought!

I will post more once in Roma, with a lot of pictures and impression on this first part of the trip.

Stay tuned.


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Between a failed visit to an abandoned mine and the last session of the famous video-clip “The Miss Kiss“, I have some time to write a few “POSTuccino and Croissant”.

“What the hell is that?” you might say…

Well, it is a scheduled post you will find everyday with some info about the stage of that day and a video clip or a song as a soundtrack for the post reading.

Genial, isn’t?

I thought I might not be able to have internet access every day, while I’ll be travelling, so this daily post at 7 o’clock could be a good way to kick you off your bed early in the morning with some news about where I will be and what I’ll be doing that day.

Unfortunately there aren’t many other news and that’s a pity coz, when I see that only two people visited my blog today, I would like to have something more to tell you. I can’t afford to loose fans, that means it will be harder to get a sponsorship.

I’d like to tell you “Hey guys, today I got a sponsorship offer to walk around the world until 2040!” or else “Hey folks, I met Angelina Jolie on the bank of Iseo’s lake today and we went for a beer. She said she will walk to Santiago with me, and further on…”

But that’s not the case…nothing happening here…

Even the planned visit to an abandoned mine this morning ended up in nothing more than a walk up the hill, coz there was to much water into the mine.

I can’t wait to leave so I’ll have something more to tell you, something more than a funny dog, a lonely mountain and snow-talks to share with you.

I need new landscapes, new people and new stories with them.

Then it will be a trip.

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